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Coincidence or Divine Design: The Fate of the Plassey Conspirators

Coincidence or Divine Design: The Fate of the Plassey Conspirators

Neelesh Chatterjee

There are certain affairs in history that defy a simple explanation. Trying to make sense of them often leaves the laymen scratching their heads and the historians split between faith and reason.

The fate that overtook the ringleaders of the Plassey Conspiracy falls under this category. The traitors formed a motley group, and there wasn’t much in common among them except, of course, their disloyalty to a gullible sovereign.

All the same, an invisible link seems to have connected them, and its presence was betrayed only in the way the traitors’ lives unfolded after each had gone his way. Evidently, all of them had been happy at Siraj’s death, but none of them could relish his happiness for long.

How the fate of the ringleaders of the Plassey Conspiracy ended up?

But, hold on! There’s no need for me to impose my opinions on you. So here are the names of the ringleaders, supplemented with brief accounts of how their lives panned out. Pore over it and see if you can find a pattern running through.

1. Mir Jafar

He turned delirious shortly after the downfall of Siraj. His opium addiction was blamed for it. Not long after, he contracted leprosy, which ultimately led to his death.

2. Mir Miran

He was killed by a strike of lightning in his tent out in the back of beyond. An alternative theory suggests that a rape victim did him in. Either way, it was a terrible end to a pretty short life.

3. Mir Qasim

He had been instrumental in the capture and execution of Siraj. He later tried to make amends by taking on the English, but clearly that wasn’t enough to wash away his sins. He failed in his fight, following which the English hounded him from pillar to post. Mir Qasim ultimately ended up a beggar, eking out a miserable existence in the streets of North India. Quite a comedown for the Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.

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4. Robert Clive

Fell victim to depression after returning to England. Found dead in a pool of blood with a penknife by his side when he was only 49.

Robert Clive

5. Jagat Seth

He and his brother were bundled into a sack and thrown from the ramparts of the Munger Fort into the torrential waters of the Ganges. The millions in their cellars couldn’t save the rich brothers from becoming a meal for the crocodiles.

6. Umichand

Turned imbecile after he found out that he had been done dirty on by the English. He would mumble gibberish all day long till one day his gibberish — and his heartbeat — stopped.

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