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The Biggest Islamicate Empires in History

The Biggest Islamicate Empires in History

Sarim Ashrafi

Estimated peak land area ruled or controlled by the biggest Islamicate Empires. This is the list of the empires that covered at least One Million Square Kilometers of land area.

SNEmpire NameEstimated Size by AreaPeak Year
1Umayyad Caliphate11.1 million square km720 & 750 CE
2Abbasid Caliphate8.3 million square km800 CE
3Rashidun Caliphate6.4 million square km661 CE
4Ottoman Empire5.2 million square km1683 CE
5Timurid Empire4.4 million square km1405 CE
6Fatimid Caliphate4.1 million square km969 CE
7Mughal Empire4.0 million square km1690/1705 CE
8Seljuk Empire3.9 million square km1080 CE
9Ghaznavid Empire3.4 million square km1029 CE
10Delhi Sultanate3.2 million square km1312/1326 CE
11Khwarazmian Empire3.2 or 2.3 million square km1218/1210 CE
12Safavid Empire2.9 million square km1630 CE
13Samanid Empire2.85 million square km928 CE
14Mamluks of Egypt2.1 million square km1400 CE
15Durrani Empire2.02 million square km1761 CE
16Almohad2 million square km1200 CE
17Ayyubid Dynasty2 million square km1190 CE
18Ghurid Dynasty2 million square km1200 CE
19Buyid Dynasty1.6 million square km980 CE
20Qajar Iran1.3 million square km1873 CE
21Mali Empire1.1 million square km1380 CE
22Almoravid1 million square km1120 CE

Disclaimer: This list does not include the empires which were not originally Islamicate, instead they adopted Islam later, i.e. Ilkhanate.


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