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Islamic Chronicles is an Online Encyclopedia of Islamic History and Culture. It is dedicated to exploring the rich history and culture of Islam and Muslims. Through animated videos, in-depth articles, fascinating stories, and thought-provoking insights, we take you on a journey through the Islamic world, from its early beginnings to the present day.

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A very brief history of Al-Andalus or Islamic Iberian Peninsula

Al-Andalus refers to the Iberian Peninsula under Islamic rule, primarily during the medieval period. The…

The Fall of Jerusalem
Siege and Fall of Jerusalem, 7 June – 15 July 1099

The fall of Jerusalem in 1099 was a pivotal event for the Crusaders during the…

When Ibn Khaldun met Amir Timur

In 1401, the great Arab historian Ibn Khaldun met Amir Timur during the siege of…

Ridda Wars, 632-633 CE

The Ridda Wars, also known as the Wars of Apostasy, were a series of military…